Sunday, June 16, 2019

Friday, April 13, 2012

Media Creation Apps for the Classroom

This morning I went to a talk by Jon Samuelson (, a teacher in Austin, TX who presented on methods for integrating the iPad into the classroom. He routinely uses his iPad in his lessons, introducing about one new app per week.   I found it cool that he was using Keynote on the iPad for his whole presentation - sure saves  a lot of switching when you need to showcase your apps!  He kicked off his workshop with some initial advice on how to integrate iPad apps into the classroom: 

  • The lesson should not be about the app. 
  • Teacher should try the app before the lesson. 
  • You can work with multiple appps for better results. 
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes, or not be the expert.
Here are the apps he discussed:
  • SnapGuide: a free tool designed for creating mobile, step-by-step guides.   It's best to have a class account.    Students can use pictures and/or video and share their book via tweet, pin, or FB.  The navigation is super and fits the iPad well, and the stories can be commented by others.  
  • iMovie: a paid app ($4.99) for creating great looking movie trailers by mapping segments of footage onto a template. 
  • Skitch: a free app for annotating images.  His students used it in conjunction with SnapGuide by importing a SnapGuide slide, annotating it, exporting it back out as an image, and putting it back into SnapGuide.  I saw a great skitch that a student did on polar bears.
  • TypeDrawing - app for creating word art or captions for your images.
  • ScrapPad - used for scrapbooks, but can be made for Flash cards.  The files can be put into Animoto or Comic Life.  Great for extra activities after students have finished their work. 
  • VideoPix: Video Frame Capture & Slow Motion Player
Other apps he mentioned include the following:
  • Animoto
  • Album F/X
  • Screen Chomp
  • Turbo Collage
  • Comic Life
  • Comic Strip
  • VideoPix
Another tool he showed us is, which is a cool bookmarking tool for storing your apps.